Piaggio on Wheels Finally Corrects its One Sin


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Unlike the other gourmet loncheras I've reviewed for this series, the Argentine Piaggio on Wheels is one I was somewhat familiar with. I say “somewhat familiar,” because I had only ordered three items from them the four times I tried their grub–a milanesa sandwich, tofu tacos drizzled with chimichurri, and their alfajores, the Argentine shortbread cookie usually covered in a chocolate meringue and always a crumbly dream. Their rendition of the first two was so good, I kept ordering them, but the alfajor angered me.


Piaggio doesn't make their own alfajor, but carries mass-produced ones. When I ordered one for $3, I expected a monster and instead received some tiny thing. I don't appreciate ripoffs, and this was one. But that milanesa…thick, sweet, unleashing a shower of crumbs with each bite. And the owners seemed so nice! But that alfajor affair…

Anyhoo, Piaggio visited us last Monday, and I decided to stray from the milanesa beat (Spencer filled in for me and declared the milanesa magnificent). I ordered instead a three-meat burrito–flank steak Argentine style, breaded garlic shrimp, and I think pork. The burrito worked, points toward Piaggio's maturation as cooks instead of mere producers of feed, but can use a bit more refinement–the flank steak strips were so delicious but large they overwhelmed most of the other flavors. The garlic shrimp held its own, but were few and far between. A winner, but consider it the US soccer squad of local burritos right now–a lot of promise, with just a bit of focus needed to be a monster.

Their culinary Messi, though, was the empanadas–one filled with chicken and olive (tart), and a caprese version where the basil refreshed, the tomato provided juice, and the cheese soothed all. The buttery crust was beautifully golden brown, and Piaggio should push forth on these, so delicious son.

And the alfajor! Someone must have complained about their previously puny alfajor, because the one now on sale is a giant, dark-chocolate beauty. I still find it a bit expensive at $3, but I now do declare Piaggio on Wheels one of the county's better gourmet loncheras, if not the best. That milanesa…

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