Piaggio on Wheels Continuing to Class Up the Luxe-Lonchera Experience

Take a look at the photo and try to figure out exactly what it has to do with the headline. A clue, then the answer, after the jump!


Okay, so maybe the Argentine luxe-lonchera isn't playing Carlos Gardel yet. But the owners have recently installed speakers where they blast the music of their respective homelands–the tangos of Jose Piaggio's Argentina, and the gentle bossa novas and rambunctious sambas of his wife's Brazil. Hey, I love listening to Banda El Recodo or KLOS-FM 95.5 from my favorite lonchera, but its those little touches that further distinguishes Piaggio's from the pack beyond their superlative milanesa and chorip├ín.

And since I gave a taste of the Argentine, now, the Brazilian:

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