Piadina, New Italian Sandwich Shop, Opens In Tustin

The Marketplace in Irvine/Tustin is again exploding with even more new restaurants. A few months ago it was California Gogi Korean Grill and Mizu Sushi Bar & Grill among others. Now Miguel's Jr. has opened, as will the highly anticipated TAPS Fish House and Brewery in a few days.

And as I said in previous post, there's Piadina, which is named after the Italian flat-bread sandwich that it makes from scratch. Traditionally, piadinas are made from flattened raw bread dough baked-to-order on a griddle. The cooked discs are then used to hug proscuiito, cheese and arugula. The restaurant opened last week in the food court on the Tustin side where Jamba Juice and Rubio's are.


The menu lists 10 kinds of piadinas, filled with such things as shaved roasted chicken, tuna, proscuitto, Italian cooked ham, and turkey, or combinations of all the above. There's also an option to create your own from 1 meat of your choice, 1 cheese, and 2 veggies.

Piadina competes with Which Wich, which also offers you the chance to build your own sandwich just a few doors down; and in the coming months, The Melt will open its second grilled cheese shop in the area within a few footsteps away as well. So, yes, there's still more to come.

2933 El Camino Real, Tustin, California, (714) 417-9660; http://www.italianpiadina.com/

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