PHOTO: Jay Cicinelli Partying at Knott's Berry Farm During Kelly Thomas Trial

Multiple sources have told the Weekly that Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli, the two former Fullerton police officers currently on trial for their role in the Kelly Thomas killing, have been living large ever since, partying and having a gay old time as if nothing ever happened. But when we ask for evidence…nothing. People get cold feet, and that's that.

Well, not anymore thanks to a brave soul who requested anonymity. Behold the above shot: Cicinelli at Knott's Berry Farm, no doubt auditioning for this year's edition of Knott's Scary Farm.


The photo was taken sometime during December, before the winter recess, which meant Cicinelli went at some point while the trial was still in session.

One more time, with feeling:

Nothing like seeing a killer trying to blow off some steam at the Calico Mine Ride just before it closed, right?

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