PHOTO: Accused Kelly Thomas Killer Manuel Ramos Double-Fists Tequila Shot and Tecate During New Year's Bash

As the Kelly Thomas trial comes to a close, it's refreshing to see that the two former Fullerton cops on trial for the killing make time to party. Last week, we brought you a photo of Jay Cicinelli at Knott's Berry Farm living la vida scary; today, we bring you a photo of Ramos double-fisting a tequila shot and a Tecate can. Because nothing says “classy” like a cop acting like a college kid at Cabo come spring break (which is to say, a cop), right?


The above screen grab, provided to us by a source, comes from the Facebook page of a Ramos friend who posted it on her page last week. We scrubbed out her name and the faces of others to spare them the embarrassment of being associated with an oinkster like Ramos. The Weekly was able to verify that the person who took the photo was a Ramos Facebook friend. We wish we could get a bigger photo, but our source got it from their phone and the friend quickly scrubbed the post after I'm sure Ramos raised a fit, as it's no longer on the timeline of those tagged.

Now, the only question that remains: was Ramos at least pounding good tequila? Judging by his other personal tastes, the answer is most likely “Jose Cuervo”…HA!

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