Pho 79’s Legacy Is Recognized with a James Beard Award


Phonominal. Photo by Dave Lieberman.

It’s difficult to imagine a time when Pho wasn’t a dining staple in Orange County. On the rare occasions of rain in Southern California, most of us have no issue sacrificing a drive on slick roads to warm up with a fragrant bowl of broth. That slow simmered soup of comforting noodles may have never gained popularity if it weren’t for Pho 79.

The family run restaurant opened in 1982, becoming one of the first pioneers for Vietnamese cuisine in the OC area. Preceding the official naming of Little Saigon, Pho 79 created a pathway for diversity within the community. Now almost 40 years later they’re still serving up some of the best Viet-cuisine in the area and this hasn’t gone unnoticed.

On January 28th, the James Beard Foundation (recognizing local restaurants since 1998) announced on Facebook and Instagram that Pho 79 was one out of five nationally recognized restaurants to win their America’s Classics Award. The foundation focuses on celebrating and honoring chefs who add sustainable diversity to the story of our American culture – this win is a first for Orange County.

If you’ve ever visited Pho 79 the win is a no brainer. Their menu features a variety of classic Vietnamese dishes and an array of unique drinks. The restaurants energy is as warm and vibrant as their food, ensuring that they’ll be serving up the best pho for years to come.

Pho 79, 9941 Hazard Ave, Garden Grove, (714) 531-2490;

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