Phil Shane Farewell Show

Southern California proved to be just too small a pond for Phil Shane the One Man Legend. For years, the side­burned showman performed relentlessly (up to several times a week!) at local bars and lounges, bringing his epic, one­of­a­ kind take on throwback tracks and dazzling, gyrating dance moves to thousands of people. But like the cowboy eventually rides off into the sunset, Phil Shane is taking his act to (where else?) Music City, U.S.A. “My good friend Alex has put together a full band to back me on my last performance there before our move to Nashville in 2014,” Shane says. “They have dubbed it 'The Philnale.' Should be a good time. So looking forward to it. Hot Damn!” Nashville is lucky to have you, Phil.

Sun., Dec. 22, 9 p.m., 2013

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