Phil Luebben Shows Coyote-Like Tenaciousness in Pitching Cypress Immigrant Proposals Again

The first time Phil Luebben pitched his resolutions last month declaring Cypress a “Rule of Law” city and applauding/damning Arizona/Arizona critics, his City Council colleagues voted them down. The second time Luebben pitched his resolutions last month, his motions died for lack of a second.

But like a coyote leading twice turned-back border hoppers across the Rio Grande, Luebben won't give up.

Tonight, for the third time, he'll ask the council to back the measures, reports the Orange County Register.

The meeting begins at 7 p.m. in the council chambers at 5275 Orange Ave., Cypress.

Luebben wants his city to officially support Arizona's SB 1070 and blast
Los Angeles, San Francisco, Santa
Ana and other California cities that have opposed the controversial immigration law.

“[T]he city of Cypress
understands Arizona's frustration and supports its efforts to try and
address the negative impacts that illegal immigration has had on that
state,” reads his proposed resolution.

The other would declare Cypress a “Rule of Law” city, symbolically pulling out the welcome mat for undocumented immigrants in town.

Luebben, who was mayor of
Cypress from 2006-07, is obviously hoping support from residents will sway the other council members, who were booed and shouted at when they failed to act on Luebben's resolutions late last month.

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