Phantom Ales’ Cranberry Pomegranate Mead, Our Beer of the Week!

Before beer, wine, and bourbon came mead. It’s the OG of alcoholic beverages. Made with honey, water and yeast, the term “honeymoon” allegedly came from the tradition of drinking mead for the first month of marriage to encourage fertility—BOING!

Phantom Ale, the latest addition to Anaheim’s growing roster of micro-breweries, brews some fine craft beers, tasty and potent meads and and a good batch of ciders. But they’re not greedy about getting all your business: they host a craft beer supply store with all the supplies you need to brew your own suds, and offer classes and weekly home brew wars where you compete with other hopheads for the title of best bathtub brew—BOOM!

The tasting room is set up with long tables, a couple of big screens, and plenty of board games. Their kitchen is already cooking up some good-greasy beer grub (pulled pork sandwiches, wings, fish and chips, bulgogi tacos, among others). But you want drink info, and here’s the best:

Flying Brick is an American DIPA 8.2% ABV, very hoppy but not bitter and smooth for a Double IPA. Pacific Fusion 7.7% ABV is a traditional IPA with plenty of tropical fruit notes, mango being the most prominent.
The cider I had was Passion Fruit and Mango Tea 6.9% ABV with flavors that popped. But those meads! Three on tap right now: Sour Cherry , Peach Daiquiri and my favorite, Cranberry Pomegranate! With a 12%ABV and refreshing, tangy, you’ll feel like King Arthur and pull out your Excalibur #HeyNow!

Phantom Ales, 1211 N. Las Brisas St., Anaheim, (714) 630-9463;

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