Peter Mathews Shares His Book and Thoughts About “Dollar Democracy” in OC This Week

You may know Peter Mathews as a longtime political science professor at Cypress College, an adjunct professor at Cal State Long Beach or a guest lecturer at Cal State Fullerton.

Or, you may know Mathews as a political analyst on Southern California radio and television news programs.

Or, you may know Mathews from North County ballots, as he has run for several elected offices over the years. Now you'll get to know Mathews the author. He's got a new book out titled Money in Politics: the Destruction of the American Dream, and How to Restore It.


Michael Parenti, a Yale University political science professor and author of 25 books including The Face of Imperialism, Democracy for the Few, and Waiting for Yesterday, says Mathews' book is “well written and well informed” as well as “a citizen's weapon.”

“Peter Mathews provides us with stories of his personal activism along with a cogent political analysis of what is happening to our country and our world,” Parenti has said of the book. “With clarity and courage, he fights against 'Dollar Democracy' on behalf of real democracy.”

Speaking of dollars, you can lay down 25 of them to get Mathews' book (shipping included) through his website (

If you'd like to give his notions a test run before buying, attend one of his free town hall presentations …

2-3:30 p.m. Tuesday at Cypress College;
5-6:30 p.m. Wednesday at Saddleback College;
TBA April 28 at UC Riverside.

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