PETA Brings Factory Farming to UC Irvine Tomorrow

PETA, the lovable, not-so-little animal rights org, is bringing factory farming to UC Irvine in an attempt to scare the kids straight into veganism.

Peta2, the organization's youth division, will set up a tent where students can sit in pig cages and watch a video of Paul McCartney talking about how horrible the industrial meat complex is in Aldrich Park tomorrow and the day after from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

PETA will also be passing out vegan foods — which, as we've gone over, don't have to be horrible — and vegetarian/vegan starter kits.


“College is a time to consider new ideas, and peta2's factory-farm display gives students an idea of how much suffering goes into a chicken nugget or a beef burger,” said peta2 Director Marta Holmberg in a statement. “Once students see what cows, chickens, and other animals go through on factory farms, in transit, and in slaughterhouses, they'll want to load up their cafeteria trays with humane vegan selections.”

Personally, college is when I started eating more Korean barbecue, but maybe I just lack empathy or something.

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