Personnel Bile No. 5: The List

Document No. 5 isn't a secret diocesan record but a list of every Orange County priest ever accused of pedophilia since 1958 and the parishes that they once roamed. For easier access, we're presenting it in groups of three, with each list containing three priests, the years in which they served and their parishes. Some fun facts: *Year with the most accused pedophiles: 1976 (17)

*Parish with the highest tally: St. Edward, Dana Point (John Lenihan, Denis Lyons, Michael Pecharich, Henry Perez, Gerald Plesetz, Siegfried Widera)

*Priest with the most assignments: Daniel Murray, Eleuterio Ramos and Gerardo Tanilong: five each. Ramos, however, gets extra points for going to Tijuana after getting suspended here!

*Parishes that housed two or more accused pedophiles at the same time: St. Boniface, Anaheim (1994: John Lenihan, Daniel Murray, Gerardo Tanilong), St. Cecilia, Tustin (1976: Michael Harris, Gerald Plesetz), St. Edward, Dana Point (1996-2001: John Lenihan, Denis Lyons), St. John the Baptist, Costa Mesa (1987: Denis Lyons, Gary Pacheco), St. Pius V, Buena Park (1976: Arthur Fernando, Denis Lyons)

*Priests who appear in the Los Angeles Archdiocese list of accused as having committed their crimes in Orange County but that aren't listed in the Orange diocese roll call: Gregory Atherton, Lynn Caffoe, John Coffield, Donald Duplessis, Arthur Fernando, James Ford, Richard Hartman, Bertrand Horvath, Bruce Klikunas, Gerald Plesetz, Joseph Sharkey, John Sheahan, Louis Stallkamp, Patrick Ziemann

*Foreign fiddlers: Arthur Fernando (Sri Lanka), Sofronio Aranda, Gerardo Tanilong (Philippines), Robert Foley, John Lenihan (Ireland), Edgardo Arrunataegui Jimenez (Mexico)

Year with no accused pedophiles since 1958: One—2004.

To download the Excel spreadsheet click here. (For easier reading, choose “show gridlines” when printing.)


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