Perpetual Scam Artist Michael Scott Kerr At it Again, Now Against Marines

The perpetually bumbling, perpetually scamming Michael Scott Kerr–the man who professes to love our veterans yet can't seem to stop antagonizing them, who set up a nonprofit for their children that nearly screwed them over–does not want to pay Marines the money he legally owes them.

Records filed in San Diego County Superior Court show that on May 25, a judgment of $5,115 was entered against Kerr and for the 1st Marine Division Association (FMDA), a fine Oceanside-based nonprofit that organizes fundraisers for Marines who currently serve or have served in the storied 1st Marine Division. The group made the mistake of hiring Kerr to organize the Honor Run–which sought to glorify corporate sponsors more than veterans–using their name.

The FDMA fired Kerr in November 2009, alleging incompetence and listing a grab bag of allegations that I'll detail in a coming post (one involving Gary Sinise!), and asked he pay them $5,000 for the losses they incurred. When he didn't respond, the FDMA filed against him in San Diego Superior Court's small claims division on March 11 of this year.

It's now nearly four months since the court asked Kerr to pay up–and still, nothing. Kerr was supposed to show up in court Sept. 7, but he didn't appear, according to Col. Len Hayes, the executive director of the FDMA. More–much more–soon. The Gary Sinise stuff? CRAZY…

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