Peel Top Extra Pale Ale at Docent Brewing, Our Beer of the Week!

Only open a few weeks, Docent Brewing in San Juan Capistrano gives South County another brewery with great tasting suds, complete with a tasting room and kitchen. “Rooted in Community” proclaims lettering on the wall above the bar, a mantra manifest with plenty of seating and a living room-type area with comfortable chairs and tables. The absence of televisions gives everyone the time to get to know each other, to talk about your day or ask the bartender—or, shall I call them the docents?—about the beers they’re pouring. Field Trip Guides are available—open one up and you’ll find batch cards for all the beers on tap with all the pertinent info regarding that beer, what kind of hops, what type of grain and what kind of yeast is used along with ABV percentage and a beautiful description of that beer.

Crowlers (which last longer than a traditional growler) are available to take home—they will can your choice of brew to drink at home or take it camping. There are four sandwiches to choose from and two roll-type snacks along with an arugula salad. Wash your food down with one of their six beers on tap, with five brews fermenting ranging from a pilsner to an imperial stout—not too shabby for the new kid in county.

The Aviador Easy IPA will be an ongoing recipe, and Aviador #1 (5.9% ABV)  is a combination of tropical fruits and hops—a full-flavored IPA with enough hops but zero bitterness. Tonic on Nitro Oatmeal Stout (6.29% ABV) is one of the best local oatmeal stouts you’ll drink—smooth, rich, with intense chocolate, coffee on the back end, and roasty. Meanwhile, the Peel Top Extra Pale Ale (6% ABV) is just excellent.Mango, nectarine, and tangerine give this Pale Ale a tangy punch on your taste buds. A very distinct, full-flavored craft beer, this can easily be Docent’s flagship. Congrats to them, and to the city of San Juan Capistrano #DocentFieldTrip

Docent Brewing, 33049 Calle Aviador, Ste. C, San Juan Capistrano. No phone number, but their website is

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