Pedophile Protector Apologist of the Day…

…Is Patrick Redmond of Newport Beach! Today, the Orange County Register prints his letter blasting star columnist Frank Mickadeit for his supposed “umbilical fascination” with famed Catholic Church sex-abuse victim's attorney John Manly. The trigger for such a clever twist of words? A March 7 column Mickadeit wrote about the return of Monsignor John Urell, the longtime Catholic Diocese of Orange priest who lost it in a deposition regarding his pedophile-protecting past, in which he quoted a Manly statement criticizing Urell's scheduled return to St. Norbert in Orange.

“This tag team's tedious attempt to dismantle Monsignor John Urell's reputation has become exhausting,” Redmond writes before going on to say “The fact that Roman Catholic Bishop Tod Brown's and Urell's respectability remain intact reveals their surplus courage, while these other two clowns mothball human decency” and that Mickadeit and Manly are also “haranguers who consider facts a nuisance.”

Patty: We realize that the sea air in Newport Beach slowly corrodes everything with its salty essence. We'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you mean Brown and Urell are the clowns who don't bother with facts. Don't believe me? Read, ya sea dawg, read!

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