Paul Kariya, a 909/714 Blonde and a Rich Turtle Rock Girl Star in Orange County Interwebs Horror Show

This week's collection of stuff posted from or about Orange County on the Interwebs includes a Duck call for Paul Kariya, an amazing Surf City aerial shot, the great Palm Springs vs. San Clemente debate, a slice of the 714 transformed into the 909, and what to expect from the rich white girl from Turtle Rock sharing your bed . . . for now.


Illustration by Jay Brockman

Slingin' Mud
“The Dirty Army” routinely feeds, well, dirt to's Orange County watcher, Nik Richie. The missives are generally photos and descriptions of wannabe scenesters who frequent all the right clubs, parties and watering holes. Here is what one soldier had to report about a certain blonde: “She gets a new profile every month because she needs to hide from the crazy dudes she slept with or their girlfriends. She loves a guy with tattoos and a lifted truck, she is fake as hell and a homie hopper. Stay in the 909 and get away from HB.” Actually, one Dirty commenter believes the chick is right where she belongs: “Huntington Beach has been the new 909 for years.” (The Dirty)

Rich Whiteness Has Its Privileges Ryan Chang gives a
looooong description of the PWG: “Privileged White Girl.” In fact, he
dated one who was “trapped” in Irvine's Turtle Rock community (which is
apparently crawling with PWFs or Privileged White Families). Though
Chang knew she would eventually leave him for a Privileged Man, he dove
into the relationship. She later stopped returning his IMs, calls and
text messages. He then discovered she hooked up with a rich Eastbluff
guy with a Beemer. That just plunged Chang deeper into depression: “I
miss her now and then. I look at
her Facebook and stare at her profile picture and try to stalk, but we
are not friends, and her page is locked. I dare not add her.” That's a good call,
Ry, seeing as how you are writing this six years later and have obviously moved on. (Thought Catalog)
Teemu Selanne and Paul Kariya in the good old days.

Quack Up Anaheim Ducks fan Daniel AC knows former franchise player Paul Kariya left town with bad memories–if he can even remember them given the concussions he has suffered. “I wanted to take this time to apologize for all the undeserved treatment you've gotten since you left,” writes Daniel, adding, “I'd like to take this opportunity to convince you to come back.” A reteaming of Teemu Selanne and Kariya, who is sitting out this year while getting his head checked, draws plenty of support from those who leave comments on Daniel's post. Some credit the duo with turning them into hockey fans in the first place. “Gorbachav” is not one of them. “I'm from the old generation of Duck fans,” reacts Gorby, “and I have an idea about what Kariya can wipe, but I'll leave that to your imagination.” The ice? No? The glass? Aw, come on, tell us! (Anaheim Calling)

From the Desert to the Sea A single 53-year-old is looking for advice on whether to move to Palm Springs or stick it out in San Clemente. One responder lays out the pros and cons
of PS, while another suggests a relocation to the Gulf Coast of Mississippi or Alabama. But “Metal Cult” can't fathom trading OC for PS: “Well, I've never lived in Palm Springs, but I've been there in July and August. The heat is completely unbearable compared to OC. You can actually feel
your skin burning just walking from the front door to your car.” (Santa Barbara Solutions)

Nuff Said The poster of this photo shot in Huntington Beach says it all: “Sometimes, people amaze me.” (

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