Paul Grigore Patrulescu and Ciprian Patrulescu Get Jail for Beating the Hell Out of 83 y.o. Lady

Two brothers who beat the living crap out of an 83-year-old homeless lady sitting at a Costa Mesa bus stop in the wee hours have received probation, jail time and mandatory anger management classes.

Paul Grigore Patrulescu, 30, and Ciprian Patrulescu, 31,
pleaded guilty to felony injury to an elder person and misdemeanor battery before receiving their sentences.

Both men were ordered to serve three years probation and attend the classes, but Paul Patrulescu got 90 days in jail while his brother is to serve 60 days. Their lack of prior convictions no doubt played a part in the relatively light sentences. Without the guilty pleas, they were looking at up to four years in state prison.

They had been drinking at Patrick's Pub on Harbor Boulevard, grabbed some more
beers at a nearby 7-Eleven and were on their way to a nightcap of
burgers around 4 a.m. Aug. 18 when they became agitated over the old lady lying on a bus bench surrounded by her belongings refused to join them.

Paul Patrulescu is 6-foot-1 and 275 lbs., Ciprian Patrulescu is 5-foot-11 and 190 lbs. and given the longer jail stretch it was likely Paul who repeated punched the lady in the face for refusing to eat with them. She's 5-foot-1 and 90 pounds.

She suffered bruises and cuts but refused to go to
the hospital and pretty much wanted nothing to do with police at the scene.

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