Paul Frank Pancake Mix Delicious (And Yes: It has Some Bananas)

I'm weeks late on my post about the Natural Products Expo that happened at the Anaheim Convention Center, but I did want to mention the following since I had it for breakfast: pancake mix endorsed by OC's own Paul Frank.

The fashion maven announced his foray into the world of breakfast last year, but I never got around to trying it because I'm more of a French toast type of guy. But Frank did have a display at the Natural Products Expo (I'd provide a photo, but the damn iPhone wasn't focused that day), and I managed to score some later on.

The flavor after the jump!


Unsurprisingly, given Frank's most famous creation (Julius the Monkey) adorns the pancake mix, there is a heavy banana flavor with a nice cinnamon aftertaste. The end result is springy, fluffy, consistent–this is not a novelty gift ala any number of celebrity-released hot sauces but worthy of anyone's morning.

Daddy Cakes is the distributor, and good for them! We'll only fault Frank for not coming out with something more original–maybe Julius' take on Salvadoran-style fried plantains with beans and cream?

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