Parties by Panache of Brea Featured on Food Network's Cupcake Wars

In one of my few circle of friends, the show that's a punchline for The Last Thing On Earth We Want To See is Cupcake Wars. Really–three rounds of cupcakes? When can we expect Bagel Battles? Or Strudel Skirmishes? Overwrought production on an overwrought food trend.

But while flipping channels last night, somewhere between finishing Season Four of Dexter and watching the last installment of The Lord of the Rings for probably the 37th time, we hit the Food Network and caught a five-second glimpse of Cupcake Wars. And, then the magic word: Brea. And a glimpse of the mystical area code: 714. Parties by Panache was on the show, and we were watching this one.

I'll be honest: I didn't pay much attention. After all, I don't care much for the show. But Parties by Panache did make it to the finals of the show (which had to do something with catering a Los Angeles Kings hockey event), where they lost out to some Katy Perry lookalike who stacked her cupcakes in a display that vaguely resembled the Stanley Cup. The episode was a repeat, but had aired earlier last week. And the owner was nice and didn't turn out to be the diva of the show.

We salute Parties by Panache for representing Orange County proudly, and hope to actually try your product one day. If only the rest of OC's reality-TV contestants would do the same…

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