Pablo Francisco's Comedy Gets Even More Animated

Comedian Pablo Francisco is a fascinating cat because you never know what's going to come out of his mouth when you see him live and yet, you always know that you'll be left with laughter cramps that hurt so good. From start to finish, he slays with impressions, insane characters, unbelievable sound effects, points out the ridiculousness of widespread topics, and to label him as “high energy” would be a severe understatement. It's because of all of the before mentioned that the house is never not packed when he's in town so heads up, Pablo will be at the Irvine Improv this Thursday through Sunday so you might want to get a jump on grabbing your tickets. Another heads up, we heard he has an upcoming special he'll soon be taping filled with hilarious new material so we in turn called him up to ask all about it.


OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): I hear you're working on a new hour so spill the details.

Pablo Francisco: We're gearing up to go to Australia in April to test out the new show called, “Here we go Again.” My friend Steve Kramer did all of the animation for the show so it's like comedy and animation put together. It'll be a little different because I usually do my shows acoustically but now we've decided to spice it up by adding some special effects for this one hour comedy special. For the last year we've been working on it and NUVOtv decided to jump on board with us. We have creative control so now we're just finishing some of the last minute sketches on it. It's expensive stuff for this cartoon shit but we just wanted to make the show a little bit more than stand-up by adding the sketches.

That sounds bad ass! Are you going to show some of it in Irvine?

In Irvine we're going to do somewhat of a dress rehearsal in the daytime but we're not going to actually try it out there. We wanted to try half of it but if something goes wrong with the projectors or anything, it'd be kind of a mess. Plus half is like little kisses. No French kisses. Half would be like grabbing a bootie and running!

Wait. Last time we talked you were telling me about some animated show you were working on. Is that this?

Yeah, that is how long the process takes! Drawing all of the characters, adding animation, and now it is crunch time. Instead of doing it all in Las Vegas where we are going to film the special I was like, let's just try it out in Australia when we go there in April to get the kinks out. There's a lot of shit that goes along with it but I guess it's better to be a comic than a rock star. Bon Jovi has to go to sound check all of the time and that blows.

Yeah but who gets better groupies?

Well the thing is, Bon Jovi is married. His name is anchovy. His lyrics are all about high school love and kookity kooks. When it comes to the groupies, I get off stage and look for them like, “What's up girl? You like my fart jokes?” I hosted a porno convention and so many girls liked my stuff and I was like, that's cool but what are we going to do? Go out to a party later? What would we talk about? Is the stuff in her movies real? There was no connection.

I don't know. A lot of dudes would love to bang a porn chick just to say they did it.

It's all about the fantasy of meeting them but then it's like, I don't think you're what I want. I dated this girl around 15 years ago, that was banging all of my friends, and then she told me she had a new boyfriend. She said she was dating this guy that did gay porno but he wasn't gay. I was like, what? Your other boyfriend fucks guys in the seat? She goes, “Yeah but he wears a condom, he's not gay, and he makes more money.” So yeah, he wasn't gay but he fucks dudes in the ass. [Laughs.]


Ha! Sounds like a normal Saturday night. OK we got off topic as always. I know you like to cap on pop-culture so who are the new victims for you?

A normal Saturday night! That's funny. [Laughs.] I talk about Mark Wahlberg and I know a lot of people talk about him but now he's doing the announcements for elementary school like, “How you doing kid? You doing good? Huh? Today we have Salisbury steak. You like that kids?” He's doing everything now! Mark Wahlberg fucking handcuffs! Mark Wahlberg hamburgers and hotdogs! God bless the kid because he is hot but god damn, he's in every fucking movie! So he's one, Liam Neeson, and Dog the Bounty Hunter because we saw the new version of him and he's still running around in Hawaii like Tarzan. It's all comical shit because Dog does a good deed but he does it through the back door. [Laughs.] He doesn't want to call attention to himself and he goes everywhere looking like a sore thumb! So yeah, we'll poke fun at a lot of people a little bit.

I love that! Any idea of when you're going to be taping “Here we go Again?” I'm excited to see it!

We had a date set to tape it in March but I was looking at the animation and I want it to be perfect so, we're shooting now for May. We're going to get a six-episode deal too with the cartoon and I shouldn't say that because I don't want to jinx it but, that's the goal. Right now I have some more time to work on it, goof off a little bit, and get the whole thing right!

Check out Pablo Francisco at the Irvine Improv March 19th through 22nd, 31 Fortune Drive Irvine, CA 92618, (949) 854-5455. For tickets go to For more info on Pablo, go to his website and follow him on Twitter @Pablo_Francisco.

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