Owner Reunited With '73 Chevy Camaro Stolen in Santa Ana … 27 Years Ago

Andrews reported his 1973 Chevrolet Camaro stolen in his hometown of Santa Ana on July 31, 1983.

On Tuesday, the Nevada transplant was reunited with his sweet ride . . .

. . . in West Los Angeles.

Not the '73 Chevy Camaro in question, but still a sweet ride.

The Los Angeles Times has the scoop.

A man bought the Camaro from a woman who says the car sat for 15 years in her LA backyard. When the buyer tried to register the car, the Department of Motor Vehicles informed him the Camaro would have to be inspected by the California Highway Patrol, which is routine when paperwork does not match records on older vehicles.

Officers discovered the vehicle identification number on the windshield was not the original, and a check of other places on the car uncovered the true VIN. A run of that number then revealed the Camaro had been reported stolen 27 years ago.

And that eventually led back to Andrews, after a month of searching for him. He reclaimed his ride Friday at the West LA CHP office, whose spokesman tells the Times several officers have expressed interest in buying the Camaro should Andrews choose not to schlep it back to Nevada.

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