Overbooked 411 Hibiscus Wheat Ale at Network Brewery, Our Beer of the Week!

Network Brewery in SanTana is small and comfy and when the air conditioner is on the fritz, it doubles as a hot yoga studio (yoga and beer, anyone?). Owner Brian Anderson is the creative genius behind the tasty recipes and never ceases to amaze. Last year we enjoyed his Santiago Creek Chai Red Ale, a deliciously malty brew with a hint of chai spice on the back end. You can enjoy all of Brian’s suds in the tasting room usually manned by Michael Tortorea, sales manager and cigar aficionado. Michael is both funny and knowledgeable, always helpful, joking with the regulars that stream in after work and making fast friends with the new customers.

So the new beers? Unicorn Tipper Chocolate Milk Stout (5.8% ABV) is rich with chocolate, smooth and toasty, subtle hints of coffee—super enjoyable and finishes crisp and clean. Two Weeks Notice IPA (7% ABV) is a solid IPA, and satisfy those looking to get their hop but can be enjoyed by even the novice Hophead. Classic!

And for the Overbooked 411 Hibiscus Wheat Ale (5.4% ABV), Brian combines the slight tanginess of a wheat with earthy, tangy hibiscus, and the result is refreshing AF! Perfect for summer—grab a growler for that outdoor concert or for the next BBQ, I love this beer, but I especially love the inventiveness; if you’ve ever enjoyed an agua fresca jamaica, this is similar but in craft beer form. BOOM!

The crew at Network Brewery is consistently brewing the unique suds in SanTaba, so stop in, say hi to Michael, and enjoy a cold brew. I guarantee you’ll be back!

Network Brewery, 1824 Carnegie Ave., SanTana, (657) 859-8004; www.networkbrewery.com

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