Over the Weekend: Dios on Friday at Alex's Bar, Long Beach

The Show: Rolling with the decision to largely play songs off their yet-to-be-released album, Dios delivered a set that was both brief, and at times, phoned in. After opening with the Tom Petty influenced stoner jam “You Got Me All Wrong” from their first album, the band failed to captivate the attention of the crowd, which seemed more interested in their beers and individual conversations than anything transpiring on stage. Even when playing well-worn material such as “Feels Good Being Somebody” off the 2005 release Dios Malos, Morales' voice lacked punch and passion. 


This at times proved charming–in an ironic sort of way. When Morales sang the line, “I take drugs but sadly I can't afford them,” his drab delivery contrasted with the debauched lyrical material to portray an absurdist world view that proved almost comical.  Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to salvage the set, which, bluntly put, tanked. Had the band played the single-worthy “All Said + Done” off their forthcoming album, things might have seemed less uninspired. Instead, the evening's standout performances were delivered by heavy metal jam duo Triceratops as well as Long Beach locals Bella Novela. Forcefield On as well as Eugene and the 1914 also performed.

The Crowd: Flannel-clad and skull-capped. This was a bar crowd through and through. 
Overheard: “I've got no love for duos,” said one patron following Triceratops's set.

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