Over the Weekend: Cat Party on Saturday at Gypsy Lounge, Lake Forest

The Show: Costa Mesa trio Cat Party might look like “we don't care” guys but listening to the lyrics of songs like “Heartache Over Headache” and “Oblong Blue,” well, the shit gets deep. Playing with serious speed on the drums, bass and guitar yet still keeping the vocals delightfully melodic, it seems everything just flowed with them. Singing with passion and playing with conviction (although admitting to a few drinks) I've come to the conclusion that these guys rock drunk or sober. Matter of fact, if that is how you rock drunk, pass me the Seagram's!


OC natives the Sockets also took the stage and in case you're unfamiliar, this quartet is a self-described “power pop group inspired by the British mod movement and New Wave.” Ha! That sounds boring. And boring is NOT at all how I'd describe The Sockets. Sharply dressed (for a band, at least), the Sockets debuted their new song “It's Not Enough,” which I can only describe as superb. The crowd especially loved Unite Tonight, and united this talented group is with a contemporary feel all their own.

The audience pretty much went ape shit when New York band Des Roar started playing. Why so many fans in Lake Forest? With a couple of Cali natives in the group they not only brought an incredible following but they also made the venue more spectacular with killer sounds and an amazing female drummer who played hard and still sang beautiful while harmonizing on “Not Over For Me.” On a side note; “Ted Bundy was a Ladies Man” was a personal favorite. Funny–albeit in a sick way–title and awesome song.

The Crowd: Big sounds, big guitars, and a big ass party at the Gypsy Lounge. Tonight's theme must have been “big” because the crowd lasted until the wee hours of the morning. I am pretty sure all three bands gained new fans tonight. All three different but all excellent and the crowd appreciated it from start to finish. 

Overheard: “I'd give Cat Party a 9.5,” said the guy behind who is apparently practicing for his spot at the judging table in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

Setlist (Cat Party):

1. Tar & Feathers

2. Heartache Over Headache

3. Estrogen, Milk, and Honey

4. Further Into the Ordinary

5. Dead Wait

6. Oblong Blue

7. Broken English

8. Digital Age

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