Our Toke Of The Week: Highest Highlights

A collection of our favorite Tokes from the last year.


THCA DiamondsEvery time I think that everything humanly possible has been done to cannabis someone comes and blows my mind again. THCA “diamonds” are formed during a unique process of both steady pressure, heat, and science. After removing all terpenes and lipids from the solution crystalline structures began to form, leaving behind tiny crystal pebbles resembling uncut diamonds. Expect to feel calm, cool, and collected after dabbing with these marvelous gemstones, although maybe it should have a warning sign or a support group for after you smoke because we couldn’t help finishing the petri dish full of stones in under an hour, and with a potency upwards of 95% that makes for an interesting (highly medicated) experience. Make sure you get these while you can, because these rocks are highly sought after and rarely stay on the shelf. I guess those wedding commercials were wrong, diamonds aren’t forever. Lucky for all you boys and girls in Orange County Mr. Nice Guy is here for all your jewelry needs. Available at Mr. Nice Guy. 730 E Dyer Rd., Santa Ana, CA 92705.

La Vida Verde
Chronic pain and body aches were always two things I had a hard time feeling sympathetic toward. Then I turned 30, and now my spine sounds like someone stepping on a bag of potato chips every time I bend over to tie my shoes, and I can’t fall asleep without trying every possible pillow arrangement known to man. Because I am basically over the hill and retirement is steadily approaching, it’s time for me to start taking care of my estate and making sure I get a full five hours of rest every night because apparently “nap time” isn’t a thing anymore. When it’s well past the “witching hour” and the only thing on television is commercials for vacuums and phone sex, I reach for a bottle of La Vida Verde’s Relax Tincture. The 300-milligram formula is lab-tested and easy to dose, whether on the go or with your favorite beverage. If you are sick of brands adding candy-like flavors to mask the actual taste of the product, then say hello to your new favorite. Each tincture contains natural ingredients that allow the terpenoid profiles to shine and their respective euphoric effects to take hold. For more on La Vida Verde’s organic, tasteful products, as well as a list of dispensaries near you that carry them,visitLaVidaVerde.com.


Cherry PieSome of our readers may be a little too young to remember Warrant’s hit song dedicated to the band’s favorite woman and/or pastry. But we think they were actually talking about this pungent indica strain and not the blond woman dancing on the car (and ruining the paint job) Cultivated by THC Design and manicured to perfection, each bud is certainly something to marvel at, known for its ability to combat stress and pain. Expect to feel giddy, hungry and ready to listen to the rest of Warrant’s hits, which, sadly, can’t be saved even with these precious earthy gems. Speaking of ’80s music, does anyone know why every factory was full of sparks in dimly lit hallways? If you haven’t been to one of MedMen’s locations throughout Southern California, then do yourself a favor: Stop in and tell them PotPlus sent you. Happy shopping! Available at MedMen 2141 S Wright St., Santa Ana, CA  92705.


Humboldt LegendsIt’s the weekend, and you just wanna relax. We get it; we feel the same way, which is why we love this product. Each half-gram joint is rolled with cannabis that was grown and cultivated in Humboldt County using sustainable methods and without harmful pesticides. These guys really are legends for doing the grunt work and rolling these gems for us to smoke, as well as for the discreet tin packaging that makes transportation a breeze and ensures your five precious joints will arrive unharmed. And with a THC content that’s less than 20 percent, you won’t be stuck on the couch struggling to keep one eye open.You’ll find the White OG Pre-rolls at Mr. Nice Guy, whose showroom will make you feel like a kid in a candy shop. Come see some of Humboldt’s prized flowers for yourself. Available at

Mr. Nice Guy. 730 E Dyer Rd., Santa Ana, CA 92705.


PAXIf you were to line up 10 random cannabis users off the street, I’d bet every one of them would have a different vaporizer device to swear by. About 70 percent of the vaporizers I’ve tried are basically garbage and end up leaking, getting lost or collecting dust on a shelf. That is, until I found PAX’s Era pods. Era is precise, reliable and quality-controlled so that you’re satisfied and impressed every time. Each device undergoes rigorous testing to ensure a dependable and effective experience as well as a battery life that goes the distance. With PAX’s new “session control” mode, you can set your temperature and flavor experience down to the exact degree and there’s even a mobile app that allows you to lock your device, customize your session and update your firmware. Now if only we could get the PAX to order a pizza for us, we would never have to leave our desk.  Available at People’s OC 2721 S. Grand Ave., Santa Ana, CA 92705.

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