Our Five Selections For Dine LBC

There are only so many ways to say, “We’ve eaten here, and you should to.” So this time around, we’re focusing on your mood. Your mood guides what you feel like eating, so what better way to select a place for Long Beach’s extended restaurant week (April 23 to May 1)? And yes, we’ll get the usual “Why are you &*:>”ing talking about places that aren’t even Orange County?” feedback. Go browse our weekly Grub Guide if LBC isn’t your jam, okay?

Mood: Beer and a low-key vibe.
Place: Simmzy’s Pub
Notes: Their $30 dinner menu contains just enough variety to keep it interesting. But for those who like a refreshing pint with their pub grub, drop in to this corner spot. Current beer selections for their 30-ish taps are found on the Simmzy’s site. Cheers!

Mood: Local chain
Place: George’s Greek Cafe
Notes: With featured spots in Belmont Shore and along Pine Avenue (before factoring in non-Dine LBC locations at CSULB, Long Beach Airport and Lakewood), this is your neighborhood joint for families or by yourself. Their cool, blue hues and lively dining room have been around longer than all our other suggestions. They’ve got a reliable menu, which translates to staying power.

Mood: Somewhere different with live music
Place: The Federal Bar
Notes: Comfort food favorites intertwined with meatless options in a converted bank building should suffice most eaters. The fact that they have an underground club with bands ranging from METALACHI to hip hop gives you an automatic place to hang afterwards. Bonus if you locate the speakeasy.

Mood: Date night
Place: Padre
Notes: A building filled with gorgeous details, you’ll admire the surroundings the way you gaze at your date. Frank DeLoach knows how to execute the Latin flavors on his menu. The bar late at night, the patio, the dining room— all date-worthy.

Mood: Carnivore
Place: Chianina Steakhouse
Notes: Savory and straightforward, beef is the sole reason you dine here. While meals may chip away at the bank, you are served some of the finest domestic meats. It isn’t trendy or gimmicky; Chianina is a class act.

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