Our Favorite Starbucks Drake Hands

What could be creepier than giving a male barista at Starbucks your number only to have him text you a video of himself staring seductively while he touches his face with Drake's “Hold On, We're Going Home” playing in the background? Well, that's exactly what happened when Piper Kennedy gave her number to guy named Brody Ryan. While he clearly didn't get in Piper's pants, the video was posted on YouTube and the viral magic commenced. What started out as an attempt at Internet humiliation, switched from being creepy into being trendy when the parodies started popping up one by one. Twitter and Instagram also got aboard using the hashtag #StarbucksDrakeHands. We've complied some of the best ones, from everyday folks and even a few celebrities.


Here's the O.G. Starbucks Drake Hands

And here are a few gems that have been spawned by #StarbucksDrakeHands…

5- Kirk Rosas- Kirk's Starbucks Drake Hands

4- Anthony Assaad- Starbucks Drake Hands Group

More Starbucks Drake Hands after the jump!

3- Mark Sanchez- Starbucks Drake Hands

2- Sam Roberts- Bruiser Brody Starbucks Drake Hands

1- Terry Bradshaw- Starbucks Drake Hands

Urghhhh. Now we can't get this dumb song out of our heads.

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