Our Cakes Don't Actual Contain Cocaine: French Hyper Retailer

Carrefour Argentina, the Argentine subsidiary of French-HQ'd retailer Carrefour, had to assure customers this week that its cakes didn't actually contain the “12 grams of cocaine” as described on their label. No snow aside, the retailer still pulled the cakes from their shelves, calling the entire shenanigan a “joke in poor taste.”


That should've been pretty obvious. I mean pot probably would be better for sales, and it's now legal in neighboring Uruguay.

Nevertheless, Carrefour wanted to make sure everything was clear after a week of social media virility. Gave their house-brand cakes more visibility than any PR firm could hope for.

“We at Carrefour Argentina want to reassure our customers that there was no unusual ingredient in Carrefour brand cake,” a company statement said.

Too bad.

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