Osama Bin Laden's Death Praised by Mother of Fallen Navy SEAL

Debbie Lee and Danny Gonzalez of Cypress are the spokespeople for Sacramento-based pro-troops organization Move America Forward. To reach Lee, a Gold Star mother who tours the country on behalf of the group, you go through Gonzalez.

Late last night, the mother of Marc A. Lee, a Navy SEAL who was killed in Iraq
in 2006, praised the U.S. servicemen and intelligence officers who killed Osama bin Laden.

President Obama
spoke to the nation tonight, bringing us the good news that Osama bin
Laden had been killed by Navy SEALs in a CIA planned operation.
Americans have been waiting for justice for over nine years now, and
finally justice
has been served,” Lee says in her statement.

“I'm so proud that it was a Navy SEAL team that killed Osama
bin Laden, and I just wish Marc could be here with his fellow SEALs
to share this with the country he died protecting. Marc graduated from
his SEAL training shortly before 9/11 and when that heinous attack was
out by Al Qaeda, Marc wanted more than anything to see justice done. I
know he's watching with satisfaction from Heaven today.

“We want
to thank all of our troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as
the intelligence community who have been hunting bin Laden for
years. This is yet another victory for Americans and for justice for all
the victims of radical Islamic terrorists around the world. Where would
we be
without our troops? They have proven that they have the dedication and
patience to complete any mission, to deal with any threat and we want to
our troops for that.

“It's also important to thank all of those
American patriots who have supported and stood by our troops
through all the years. They have been patient as well, for they have
continued to send support to our troops even when the media and some
were NOT there for the troops.  At Move America Forward we will be
continuing our mission of supporting our troops, as they are still
deployed in
Iraq and Afghanistan, and until all of our troops come home we will
continue sending our support and our care packages to our brave troops
on the
front lines. We invite all Americans to joins us.”

Move America Forward

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