Orly Taitz Unleashes Bombshell New Info in Her Quixotic Obama-is-a-Ferr-eigner Case

Question: Who, in these parts, would call in for help not the calvary cavalry but “veterans, bikers, truckers, tea party [members]?”

Answer: Rancho Santa Margarita lawyer/dentist/real-estate saleslady/NutRageous bar Orly Taitz, who is calling for a show of farce from such folks in her latest court case that manages to out-doozy others she has filed claiming Barack Obama is a ferr-eigner.


You can go to OrlyTaitzEsq.com to read all about it, or you can download the Fourth District Court of Appeals document, or you can read on.

The “Supplemental Brief with Newly Discovered Information” in Orly Taitz v. Barack Obama, Diane Feinstein and Elizabeth Emken claims:

* Occidental College cannot claim Obama's attendance application is a sealed record because it was previously released to the media and the public.

* According to Laurie Hattaway, an employee with the Higher Education Services Corp., when Obama transferred from Occidental to Columbia University, he received financial aid as a foreign student from Indonesia.

* Obama is improperly using government agencies, including the FBI, “to harass, bully and intimidate” whistleblowers showing he's a citizen of Indonesia who is illegally usurping the U.S. presidency.

“Evidence” for the first allegation is a YouTube video of a Fox News reporter being shown Obama's dorm room and college application.

Obama is faulted in the filing for repeatedly failing to show up in courts around the land where Taitz has filed legal funny papers alleging the president won the office illegally. Twice.

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