Orly Taitz is the Latest Pundit to Blast Alleged Orange County District Attorney Corruption

You'd expect those convicted of crimes to cry for justice–deserved or otherwise–in light of the widespread corruption allegations surrounding the Orange County District Attorney's office. But a former U.S. Senate candidate? Well, yes, of course you would, if the former candidate was Orly Taitz.


In 2010, the Rancho Santa Margarita lawyer/dentist/real estate saleslady/Das Bootlicker sought the Republican nomination for California Secretary of State, but lost in the primary to former NFL player Damon Dunn of Irvine.

Taitz, who had filed an unsuccessful suit in Sacramento County a month before the June primary to have Dunn disqualified because she alleged he was really a Democrat, sued again in Orange County after the election to contest the results on the same grounds. The judge ruled against Taitz, and the state appeals court upheld the judge.

Fast-forward to this week, when on her OrlyTaitzEsq.com website she linked to this Daily Kos post: “Judge disqualifies all 250 prosecutors in Orange County, CA because of widespread corruption.”

Orly's take:

This is the county, where I resign. This is the DA office, which declined to take ny action in the case of my opponent in GOP primary, who was registered as a Dem in 2 other states

Not to be a kettle calling a typo black, one is tempted to point out that if Taitz's legal filings are anything this OrlyTaitzEsq post, no wonder she does not win more rounds in court. “Declined to take ny action …?” “This is the county, where I resign?” (We wish.)

Wonder why the Queen of the Birfers chose to highlight her 2010 case against Dunn over her 2012 suit against Elizabeth Emken, who defeated fifth-place finisher Taitz in that year's GOP primary for U.S. Senate, and Dianne Feinstein, the California Democrat who retained her seat? Naturally, Taitz's suit also included allegations that Obama was ineligible to be president. You can't beat the classics.

An Orange County judge also tossed Taitz's request for an emergency postponement of certification of the Senate election results on grounds the legal filing “couldn't be any weaker.” A state appeals court upheld that judge also.

As for the alleged OCDA corruption, The Washington Post's The Watch blogger Radley Balko had some with it in “Morning links: Festering corruption among cops, prosecutors in Orange County.”

First comes “Something is rotten in Orange County, Calif.” with a link to a Slate piece on our law enforcement cesspool.

Then Balko shifts to “I mean, really, really rotten“–with a link to R. Scott Moxley alerting Weekly readers of a National Review slap of the OCDA.

Slate and National Review link back to Moxley's cover story on the scandal, “Recent Proof of Prosecutorial Misconduct Mirrors OCDA's Bad Old Days.”

And that ol' logrolling just keep rolling along …

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