Original Northgate González Market in Anaheim to Close Later This Month

In 1980, Don Miguel González Jiménez and his son, Miguel González Reynoso, spearheaded a family project: The opening of a Mexican mercado on 722 N. Anaheim Boulevard in Anaheim. The family was so strapped for cash that they kept the name of the previous business: Northgate Market, which had been previously run by Koreans who’d have to make runs to buy tortillas and other Mexican products, so limited the demand was for Mexi goods back then.

The rest, of course, is history. Northgate González Markets is now one of the largest Latino supermarket chains in the United States, with 41 locations from San Diego to Culver City to El Monte to a chingo in Orange County. They just opened a mega-one in Anaheim that Edwin rightfully called a “Mexican-food Disneyland.” But with progress comes a reordering of things, and that’s why Northgate is planning to shut down its original store later this month, according to sources.

Loyal #1 customers can go to Northgate #3, just down La Palma Avenue on East Street, at 1150 N. East Street, Anaheim. There’s no word yet on what Northgate (which—full disclosure—employs my dad, and which my family has shopped at my entire life) will do with the building housing the original market. May I humbly suggest turning the small place into a Northgate González museum? No, seriously: Mexican foodways don’t get enough respect in this country, and showing the world what Northgate created would be a great way to remedy that. Besides, it would be TOTALLY better than lame-ass Muzeo. down the street Hey, Don Oscar, Victor, y Miguel: Just make sure there’s an aguas frescas booth, ¿sale?

2 Replies to “Original Northgate González Market in Anaheim to Close Later This Month”

  1. I like the idea, Mexico tradition is always welcome of course. It’s a Great Legacy for the Gonzalez Family

    I live near the old La Habra Northgate that has been vacant for a long time and I’m wondering the same thing, after visiting The New” Costa Mesa Mercado Northgate Gonzalez” this last Sunday, Loved it! I thought. that would be a Hit here in the Old La Habra location, a Mercado with little Restaurants and live music Wow. and The Market is already up the street. which is Great as well, But La Habra does not have anything like that, and it would be a Great Touch and supper popping here 🙂 just thought I would mention it. Congratulations to The Gonzalez Family for all their success!

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