Original Dosa Place Now Dosa Express, But Great Food Remains

I've now eaten lunch with Weekly ace investigator Nick Schou for over a decade, and he has been my guinea pig for many a This Hole-in-the-Wall Life reviews, but the one place we returned to again and again was Dosa Place, the original location off Red Hill Avenue in Tustin before opening a second branch in the city. That's now the sole Dosa Place; the original location has gone off on its own and become Dosa Express.

I only had a brief chat with the new manager, who was the manager of the second Dosa Place–he said the two had gone their own ways. Don't really care about details when I'm hungry, and the buffet remained the same: a focus on South Indian treats like idlis and chicken frys, with tandoori thrown in for the masses. Nick and I aren't changing our lunch routine, and neither should you forsake Dosa Express.

Dosa Express, 13812 Redhill Ave., Tustin, (714) 508-7778.

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