Oregon Reader Sends Gustavo a Bag of Shit!

I get a lot of snail mail from ustedes–praise and scorn, books and lewd photos, rants and raves. But it wasn't until earlier this week that someone sent me an honest-to-goodness bag of shit.

It wasn't sent to the Weekly world headquarters, or even my P.O. Box, but rather the offices of the Eugene Weekly, which carries my ¬°Ask a Mexican! column–surprising, since I always figured the college town was lefty central save those nasty Nazis at the University of Oregon. I appreciate the excrement token, o anonymous sender who tried to pretend that the MEChA chapter at the University of Oregon sent it to the Eugene alt-weekly–but why not directly to my office? Horse manure makes great compost!

Picture after the jump!


FUNNY! Now, let the jokes begin stating the reader merely sent me a copy of my life's work…

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