Orchid Restaurant in Costa Mesa Evicted

Tipster and Top-Commenter JB sent us a heads up that Orchid Restaurant in Costa Mesa closed last Tuesday. Actually, they were evicted.

He writes to us that “the landmark Persian eatery and occasional poppin' Friday and Saturday night reception hall [was] evicted with the assistance of the sheriff last Tuesday.”


JB sent us a picture of the restaurant with all the windows are papered and this eviction notice.

“Wasn't the absolute-best food, but always hit the spot,” JB said. But he admits he's “gonna miss those $8.99 (or was it $9.99?) carnivore-friendly lunch buffets.”

Orchid is the second and Iranian joint to fade to memory on Bristol Street in recent years, he added. Ferdussi Taste of Persia, which was replaced by a Mexican joint, and then PizzaRev, folded around 2008.

What will take the place of Orchid? Our bet is another DIY pizza joint.

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