Orchid Essentials: Our Toke Of The Week!

Orchid Essentials brand vape pens were designed from the ground up to have superior efficacy, unique taste, and most of all be innovative enough to stand out in a market that sees a new product unveiled daily. If flavor is something that happens to be high on your list of necessities when choosing the right product than Orchid is the product for you. Using a BHO extraction technique, and adding the highest amount of terpenes I’ve ever experienced in my life, the flavor profile for each strain is equal parts unique and delicious, causing you to probably smoke a little bit more than you should. Speaking of smoke, Orchid’s clouds disappear rapidly and leave only a faint scent of what used to be in your lungs which is perfect for medicating on the D L. Last year, with only three months of being available in 280 dispensaries throughout Oregon, Orchid was the 8th best selling vape pen on the market. With plans to expand to even more states as well as adding a line of CBD products, we can’t wait to see what Orchid comes up with next.

Haven (Formally ShowGrow)
1625 E St. Gertrude Place
Santa Ana, CA

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