Orange's KKK Grand Dragon May Have OJ and Skyy to Blame for Assault Arrest

More about what led to the felony assault arrest of Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon William Ernest Hagen is contained in a probable cause statement released to the media by North Carolina officials.

Hagen, who also goes by Will or Bill Quigg, was among eight people in the rural East Yanceyville, N.C., home of Christopher Eugene Barker, the founder and Grand Dragon of the Loyal White Knights of the local KKK chapter, in relation to a “National Klanvocation” event.

Richard Dillon, who'd come from Indiana to attend with a non-KKK member friend, had previously posted criticism of Hagen on the Internet about the Klan rally that was held in Anaheim in February without security, putting klansmen in danger. Sure enough, the OC rally turned into a shit show when counter-protesters applied beatdowns on klukkers, including a bloodied up Hagen, who also serves as KKK “King Kleagle” or top recruiter for the western United States.

However, in North Carolina, Dillon claims he began the evening by apologizing for his earlier dings against Hagen, and everything seemed amicable between the parties—until the Orange Klukkian got drunk on Skyy vodka and orange juice, Dillon essentially says in the Caswell County Sheriff's Office document.

Once fortified, Hagen brought up Dillon's comments again, an altercation broke out and the suspect whipped out a fixed-blade knife—the kind one keep strapped to an ankle—that he plunged into the victim's chest, reads the probable cause statement.

Dillon was able to fight off Hagen, but then the Indianan was further roughed up by Barker, according to the report.

Though suffering stab wounds to his chest and right thumb, Dillon managed to escape the house and drive to safety—as well as report the incident that led to the felony arrests of Hagen and Barker. Hagen was held on $350,000 bail for alleged felony assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury. Barker was held in lieu of $200,000 bail, accused of felony accessory to assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill inflicting serious injury.

Both missed a Klan-planned Trump victory parade the next day due to their jail stays.

Freelance investigative journalist Nate Thayer says Dillon told him in an interview that he had unknowingly received a warning that the Klan leaders were going to kill him and that a third klukker was involved—but not arrested—in the attack. Based on the description, Thayer reports that he believes the third man is an Ohio Klan leader.

Dillon has since quit the KKK but is reportedly shopping for another white supremacist group that will have him.

(One hears the Trump administration is currently holding interviews, Richie.)

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