Orange Police Department Faces Brutality Lawsuit After Bizarre Shooting Incident

A City of Orange resident has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against his police department for officers allegedly using excessive force during a bizarre June 30, 2013, encounter.

According to Jorge Galindo, he was attempting to park his vehicle in his garage when officers approached and demanded to see identification documentation.

While he was in the process of complying, one of the cops shot him “multiple times,” the lawsuit states.


Galindo–who hasn't yet learned the identity of involved officers–claims he was unarmed, posed no threat to anyone and is baffled by the use of force when there was “no reasonable suspicion of wrong doing.”

The lawsuit filed in Orange County's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse contains nine claims including civil rights violations, battery, negligence as well as an assertion that police have an “animus against minorities.”

Though Galindo claims he suffered “great pain” from injuries to his abdomen and leg, his lawsuit did not specify the wounds, corresponding medical treatment or the number of bullets that entered his body.

He is seeking a jury trial inside U.S. District Court Judge Andrew J. Guilford's courtroom.

Lawyers for the Orange Police Department have not yet responded to Galindo's assertions.

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  1. What was the highest amount awarded to a person filled against orange poliçe department in the last 4 years..

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