Orange Diocese Dimwit of the Month…

**Updated, with new material at the bottom…

…Is actually the dimwit from last month: Father Christopher Heath of St. Edward the Confessor in Dana Point. To mark Pope Benedict XVI's meeting with the sex-abuse victims of his priests, Heath wrote a post on his blog where he made this off-hand but telling remark:

It's a good story of healing and hope, but will never be enough for some who use this awful situation to justify their hatred for all things Catholic.

Chris: Have you learned nothing from this scandal? Most of the Orange diocese's fiercest critics have never bashed the faith, the very faith that betrayed them. No, they despise the arrogance of apologists like you, the complicity by the church hierarchy in the rapes of innocents, the sham that you Pharisees have propped up instead of the One True Faith. “Hatred for all things Catholic”…to quote the Nazarene, Chris: why do you look at the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? To quote the Mexican: pendejo.

**UPDATE: Heath responds to a critic at his blog (howzabout playing over here, padre?). “I don't doubt that there has been spin, lies, and cowardess on the part of our leaders in some cases, but I do believe that most bishops who were given information about pedophilia and recidivism never understood the gravity of the problem because the 'experts' (doctors, lawyers) gave them advice that was “current” in the 70's and 80's that has since been changed,” he writes. “It's easy to lay blame 20-30 years later in the light of better medical/psychological evidence, and it's easy to conclude that this was all some big conspiracy and that our leaders did all of this in bad faith.”

In “some cases,” Chris? Whither Eleuterio Ramos? Whither Andrew Christian Andersen? Whither Pecharich? Whither Bishop Brown's own accusation? We've invited Heath to converse here on our blog–we doubt he'll take us up on the offer and instead live the blinders life.

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