Orange County's Top 11 Creeps in 2011

Creep #11: Jose Luis Ledezma, 20, pleaded guilty to sodomizing and raping a six-year-old girl but changed his mind once he had time to consider his punishment: 25 years to life in a California prison. An state appellate court refused to vacate the guilty plea.

Creep #10: Car washer Steven William Barton, 55, didn't break into a Huntington Beach woman's home primarily for cash. Barton wanted to steal the elderly woman's soiled underwear for pleasurable sniffing sessions. The ex-con argued to an unsympathetic court that his prison sentence of 40 years to life is too harsh.

Creep #9: Greg Nelson Golson, an obese giant tipping the scales at more than 320 pounds, routinely raped his middle-school-aged stepdaughter while his wife used earplugs to block the sex sounds while she slept. Golson tried to claim the girl's molestation stories were the result of a good imagination.

Creep #8: Tooraj Nakhei wrongly believed that he'd be better off
at his date rape trial if he demanded that all witnesses against him
swear an honesty oath on the Koran, not the Bible.

Creep #7: Anaheim landlord Jose Agustin Maya,
71, asked an appellate court to overturn his conviction for repeatedly
molesting an 11-year-old boy, the son of his tenants. Maya claimed he
paid the boy $20 after each crime not to keep him quiet but to pay him
for professional translation services.

Creep #5: Orange County Sheriff's Deputy Scott Montoya wanted his job back even though he routinely approached women while on duty and, if he thought they were “fuckable,” told them he has an elephant-sized penis.

Creep #5: Santa Ana's Benito Evarsito Rayo
first denied and later confessed that he'd raped his own 11-year-old
daughter but argued unsuccessfully that his acts did not constitute
“substantial sex” and therefore he should not be sent to prison.

Creep #4: Jasinto Duran Meneses,
27, got his 12-year-old niece pregnant after throwing her to the floor and raping her, but tried to
reduce his prison exposure by arguing that he hadn't caused the girl
“great bodily harm.”

Creep #3: Imade A. Jati didn't
understand all the fuss about him raping his own elementary school-aged
daughter more than 200 times during several years and slammed his defense lawyer for not
passionately arguing what he believed absolved him of serious
wrongdoing: he was careful not to get her pregnant.

Creep #2: California Highway Patrol Lieutenant Stephen Robert Deck
sent emails to a 13-year-old Laguna Beach girl expressing his desire to eat her “pie” and inquiring about her expertise in “sucking cock,” but asked a
court to overturn his conviction because there was “no evidence” he'd
intended to molest the girl, who turned out to be a police decoy.

And the 2011 winner of the Michael S. Carona Creepy Award . . . Creep #1: Rubicel Aguilar Perez
said a miracle must have gotten his 11-year-old daughter pregnant. His tale? One
day he masturbated in the bathroom, ejaculated on the toilet seat and
left without cleaning up the mess. Then, he claimed, his daughter
unwittingly sat on the seat, where his sperm accidentally climbed into
her vagina.

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