Orange County's Bad Luck Bandit Learns Punishment

Luck was not on Randy Lamont Davis' side in June 2013 when he donned a mask employed by Jason in Friday The 13th, grabbed a toy gun and entered a North Grand Avenue U.S. Bank steps away from the 22 Freeway.

At least two of Davis' bank bandit pals chickened out at the last second, leaving him alone in the bank to brandish the fake weapon, announce the robbery, order scared employees and customers on the floor, threaten to shoot everyone if police arrived and demand loot from the vault.

When Davis–who was born in 1984–exited the building with $46,115 he discovered not only that his cohorts weren't waiting, but they had also driven off in the getaway vehicle.


In heightened panic, the robber ran down the street and in the process accidentally dropped $12,900 in cash as well as his mask.

He was forced to take a taxi ride back home to Compton.

Given surveillance footage and Davis' DNA on the recovered mask, FBI agents working with the Santa Ana Police Department made an easy arrest.

After a plea bargain, a federal prosecutor–who observed that the defendant was on probation at the time of the robbery–calculated the sentencing guideline as 57 to 71 months and proposed the low end term.

The defendant's public defender noted that her client grew up in rough circumstances with a violent, criminal father, calculated the guideline range as 51 to 63 months and suggested her low end term..

This week inside Orange County's Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse, better luck finally found Davis.

U.S. District Court Judge Andrew J. Guilford handed him incarceration for 37 months and ordered to him pay $33,000 in restitution.

Davis today remains in local lockup and is awaiting a bus trip to a federal prison.

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