Orange County Reacts to Brexit! [OC Weekly Editorial Cartoon]

For this week’s “Orange Feathers,” Weekly artist Bob Aul took on OC’s reaction to Brexit. Take it away, Bobaul!

It’s kind of refreshing to have something big happen outside of U.S. politics. It reminds me there is a world outside ours. I can’t really even judge the issue from an American standpoint and what would be the point? There’s absolutely nothing I can do about it besides be a spectator no matter what my opinions might be. It is a sovereign nation with its own culture and history, just like all the other nations in Europe. I can see what’s happening on both sides. It does have its Trumpy elements though how intertwined they actually are with the economic and power questions remains to be seen. Nigel Farage—he’s certainly a character—he could be a muppet. He beams with the exhiliration of someone who maybe has just started a forest fire, though hopefully the chain of events set into motion and the international reverberations already felt here won’t be near that severe.

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