Orange County Makes Daily Rotten History!

I've been expounding on the genius of in the Weekly's pages for years–not so much the gore but rather their fabulous library and Daily Rotten (think of it as Wikipedia and the Drudge Report written by libertarian conspiracy- and porno-obsessed geeks–but isn't this characterization quadruply redundant?). Orange County dots the Library–read these wonderful entries on Disneyland and Richard Nixon, but we occasionally make the weird history that is their “Today in Rotten History” element. In fact, OC notched two entries in the span over the weekend.

Nov. 29 was the anniversary of Cary Grant, which prompted to say the following:

Death of 82 year old Archibald Leach, better known as Cary Grant.
While rumors of Grant's sexuality have been around for years, consider
in perspective the words of US congressman Bob Dornan, spoken on the House
floor: “I do not think Cary Grant was a homosexual or bisexual. He just got
carried away at those orgies.”

Ah, B-1 Bob: always great for a quote!

Yesterday's bit o' the past was a bit more grisly. After the jump!

In Costa Mesa, California, battered wife Omeima Nelson kills her abusive
husband and then proceeds to cook him. “I did his ribs
just like in a restaurant. It's so sweet, it's so tender and delicious.
I like mine tender.”

Whaa?? But it's true–the only part got wrong was the spelling of the first name (it's Omaima). Nelson was found guilty of second-degree murder–she claimed the killing was in self-defense, then induced by a trance (kooky!)–and is currently serving time in prison.

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