Orange County Makes Chief Keef Feel Like He's Going to “Die”

Eighteen year-old Chicago rapper Chief Keef gained popularity and stole the spotlight in 2012 with a song verbalizing a laundry list of dislikes, and now we can officially put Orange County on that list.


In a recent interview with Billboard, writer Sowmya Krishnamurthy caught up with the “Don't Like” rapper as he was in the midst of a court-ordered rehab session over here in an undisclosed location. In it, Keef gave some rare insight into a life he has mostly left the public to wonder about. The part that drew our attention, though, wasn't anything about his actual career as an artist, but the last part of the piece where Keef is quoted as saying this following gem:

“I know it's cold, but I love Chicago. I ain't going to miss Orange County — I feel like I'm going to die in this motherfucker.”

Apparently, the combination of the overall environment and the abnormally warm weather we've all been experiencing in OC and southern California in general hasn't been too kind to Keef, who would rather brave the midwest's subzero freeze. Or, maybe Keef just associates this county with the prison-like atmosphere of his rehab program. It's also a possibility that, well, Keef could simply just really, really not like it here.

With Keef's declaration of disdain for OC, we become just another one of the things that draws his ire, which includes “fake shoes,” “sneak dissin,” and fake True Religion jeans. Yeah, we're sure plenty of other OC residents can relate with the fake shoes and jeans problem.

No word yet on whether there are any plans to bring Keef back to perform in Orange County anytime soon, but we're willing to bet if the price is right, the poor soul will once again brave the oppression of OC.

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