Orange County Courthouse Quote of the Day!

“He was perfect for Nanette. He was very rich. Why was he so perfect? He was gone three days a week. What better person to cheat on? You've got no eyes watching you and you can cheat on him over and over and over again.”

–Orange County Public Defender Michael Hill explaining to a jury one reason why his client, accused killer Nanette Ann Packard–an admitted, notorious slut and thief, would have “never” wanted her ultra-wealthy, Newport Beach boyfriend, William McLaughlin, murdered in Dec. 1994. Prosecutor Matt Murphy believes that Packard and one of her many side boyfriends, ex-New England Patriot's linebacker Eric Naposki, wanted McLaughlin dead to steal part of his estimated $55 million fortune. Hill claims Naposki was the gunman and acted alone. Murphy convicted Naposki last year. Packard's jury is expected to begin deliberations today. Go HERE and HERE to read prior Weekly coverage of the crime and trials.

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