Orange County Block Party Brings Fresh Grooves and Old-School Fun to SanTana

Funk, merengue, hip-hop and norteñas of all different genres will take center stage this Saturday, for The Orange County Block Party. The inaugural event, produced by Curious Entertainment, All Star and The Wire Entertainment, mixes cultures and unique sounds for a festival in Downtown SanTana. The eclectic lineup includes Vaughan Mason, Tha Dogg pound, Too Short, Ramon Ayala, DJ Charisma, Elvis Crespo and more.

Though the festival lands on the same day as Tropicalia, the all you can eat taco music festival by The Observatory, organizers are confident that their party will do just fine given the fan base of their other well-attended events like Funk Fest. “With all due respect to The Observatory we have a different following and we are bringing together this festival to satisfy the unique music taste of our followers” says Nelly Sanchez Co-founder of Curious Entertainment. And not only a different following but a big gap between prices. General admission for the OC Block Party is $50 going up to $75 whereas Tropicalia starts off their general admission at $75.

“We always try to make our events affordable because we care about our community and we understand the poverty” says George Sanchez Founder of Curious Entertainment. “You go to a venue like The House Of Blues to see Ramon Ayala and you’ll pay $70-$80 minimum whereas in this Block Party you pay that much to see him and so many more talented, well known artist.”

The artists performing come from all over the country, including Elvis Crespo making his way to Orange County from Puerto Rico. “Most of the group is scared of flying so we will be taking the Amtrax from Detroit” Says Dave Roberson the lead singer of One Way a Funk group. “We’re ready for this festival we have a lot of upbeat songs that we will be playing including our major hits: “Cutie Pie,” “Mr. Groove” and “Dynamite”. Get ready we are going to lay it down for everyone on Saturday” Roberson excitedly says.

This festival caters to the music needs of all age crowds which is why it is an all age festival. Gates for the anticipated festival will open at 1p.m. and show starts at 2p.m. There will be food trucks, merchandise vendors and fully stocked bars for guests 21 and over. The organizers want to remind guest that their safety is a priority so they have taken high security measurements to assure this be a safe and enjoyable event. Along with a private security staff Santa Ana Police Department will be patrolling the inside and outside perimeters of the festival. “This is a family oriented event we ask that everyone come in peace and stay for the fun,” Sanchez says.

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