Orange Coast Magazine Recommends Its Readers Try “Real Tacos”…In Newport

I read Orange Coast every month because it's well-written and features awesome columnist (OC Answer Man, Laura Saari), but browsing through it also reminds me of how clueless it has to pretend to be for the sake of its readers.

This month's cover story (available only in print) offers a bucket list for all Orange Countians. Nestled in between the expected (touring the TBN headquarters, visiting Madame Modjeska's estate, shopping in Little Saigon) is the admonition to eat “real tacos.” As if that declaration isn't problematic enough–what distinguishes a “real” taco from a “fake” taco?–is where to find this real taco (which, for the author of the blurb means “street-style”–what's a street taco, again?).

Drumroll, please…the Balboa Peninsula! Right, because that area is SO Mexican.

Specifically, the author recommends Great Mex, which isn't a horrible place but probably in the high 110s of OC places I'd recommend for its tacos. But I understand why Orange Coast would recommend that place to its readers for “real tacos.” See, the typical Orange Coast reader doesn't want to travel to Mexican-majority places and are more than comfortable with their Mexi exposure getting limited to the help. So Orange Coast must ignore reality for the sake of its readers. OF COURSE every bucket list's “real” tacos must happen in Newport–where else in Orange County but Newport can you find “real” tacos?

But, hey, the choice could've been worse: At least they didn't recommend Javier's…

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