Orange Blossom Mead from Golden Coast Mead, Our Drink of the Week!

I always proclaim to anyone within earshot that I do not like beer, that I find it too astringent, too hoppy, too borracho. But I've crafted a special exemption to this rule in the form mead. It beckons to the sweet tooth in me, it's old-school as hell, and my chica introduced it to me at the Renaissance Faire, which we'll be attending in a couple of weeks.

Now, finally, I can join the lushes at C4 in earnest because they stock a great one: Orange Blossom Mead from Golden Coast Mead in Oceanside.


It starts strong due to a 10.5% ABV, and you might be mistaken in thinking it's more of a light beer than anything. But then comes an onrush of honey, topped off with the eternal comfort that is orange blossoms. Golden Coast Mead offer tall boys of the stuff; if that's too much for you, C4 also has it on tap. Regardless, drink up and hail Oceanside for offering more than just jarheads.

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