Opera on Tap to Invade Detroit Bar March 4!

The last opera I saw…HAD to be something by Rossini, since his music is so embedded into my mind thanks to Warner Bros. But I haven't been in years, because of the whole journalism thing.

That very well may change on March 4, however, when a fascinating concept called Opera on Tap invades the hallowed Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa on March 4. It's exactly what it sounds like: arias at a bar.

“Tickets aren't selling so well at Opera houses around the country,” reads their mission statement. “Why? We believe that many Americans have never felt comfortable entering an opera house.” So they've decided to take it into bars, into schools, into where the unwashed masses congregate and put on honest-to-goodness arias and discussions–with a hipster edge, of course.

No clue yet what arias will go on March 4…wait, I just reread the press release, and it's going to be “Dueling Divas!” AWESOME. Put up Carmen against Brünnhilde, or maybe Antonio from the always underappreciated Tales of Hoffman against Mimi. Regardless, Opera on Tap is a worthy cause, being it's a non-profit guaranteed to get you educated AND smashed for the common good. See you there!

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