Opera on Tap

For most Americans, opera means elitist fat cats in tuxedos chuckling smugly and squinting through monocles at singing robust ladies in viking helmets. New York-based non-profit company Opera on Tap is fixing to take some of the hoity-toity out of the age-old theatrical tradition with one doozy of an ironic maneuver—they're bringing opera to Detroit Bar. Though it seems like they're switching the elitism of the opera house for the elitism hipster house, Opera on Tap's goal is to bring the opera performer from off their fancy stages and invite them to dress casually, let their hair down and drink beer with common folk. We for one love the idea of seeing those greasy little hipster bastards standing in someone else's shadow for once. Irony at its most delicious.

Sun., Sept. 18, 6 p.m., 2011

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